Learn how beauty salon owners in the U.S. can increase profit X3 via Facebook and Instagram with a ready-to-use system for attracting customers, with a budget starting at $500
On consultation, people pay $300 for such information.
I'll give it for free
That's what the customers who come to me say. And you know why? Because owners don't need to run ads. They need customers
Standard ad management is about generic customization. And marketers do that. But they don't share the owner's goal of maximizing sales.
Instagram advertising doesn't work, it just wastes budget
And they don't take into account one of the main points of customization – the locality of the business
Only with a systematic approach can you achieve success in your advertising campaign and steadily build your customer base.

I have a proven working geolocation-aware ad setup bundle that I've personally tested in the U.S. that has generated over 20,000 leads for my clients.

Just take it and use it in your local business.
Systematic approach
How to work on
Facebook / Instagram taking into account the locality
My name is Konstantin
I am a certified social media and contextual advertising specialist
● I run Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns for beauty salons every day
In 7 years of practice, I have compiled extensive statistics on all parameters
● I know the whole journey of a local business owner
One condition - is to consider the exact location of the business being advertised.

And to do that you need to:

● identify a stable advertising channel
● find a proven and working marketing bundle to attract new customers
What does a local business owner need to build a customer database and start scaling their business?
Customized marketing
Get the maximum number of sales in the minimum amount of time
To do this, you will need to find
  • a traffic channel
  • a contractor
Most of the target audience is on Facebook and Instagram
But... Standard ad settings don't work for local businesses
Get smoothly running system
The key to success is close interaction between the business owner and the specialist

95% of the entrepreneurs I worked with had these problems:
How do you sustain good results and systematically acquire customers?
The advertising site is not suitable for accepting advertising traffic
Lack of a clear and attractive offer for customers
The specialist works independently of the entrepreneur
The entrepreneur is concerned about the work of the specialist
The specialist doesn't control the quality of the leads, and the entrepreneur doesn't provide feedback
There is no economics and digitization of advertising costs and ROI (ROMI and LTV on the top of that)
The entrepreneur is unaware of how the admin handles leads and has almost never checked it
Admin says he works just fine, it's the leads that are bad and no one answers the phone all the time
Non-customized advertising for beauty salon
As a result, we see 2 major problem levels:
Complete lack of interaction between the advertising specialist and the entrepreneur

Step 1.
1. Offer – up to 50% discount on first visit works best

2. Selling text

3. Creative – there are techniques for choosing a creative that will work specifically for your business
It should contain 3 components:
How do we solve these problems? It's actually quite simple!
Genius lies in simplicity!
But for some reason, nobody does that!
Step 2.
Adapt this bundle specifically for your project
This is about close collaboration between the specialist and you
Attracting customers to a local business is more than just standard Ads Manager tweaks. It requires a systematic approach and understanding of marketing
Here are the real results of customer acquisition through Facebook and Instagram, which are 90% more effective than standard approaches
And here, for example, is a return on advertising for a beauty salon in Spain. With a cost per lead of €2.5, the cost of 2,882 leads was €7,205. The revenue from 1 client (taking into account the life cycle of the client) was €950. Total revenue from clients for 6 months was €66,500. Return on investment (ROMI) – 823%
An example of X10 profit increase for a beauty salon in the USA, Florida. With a cost per lead of $7, the cost for 1,560 leads was $10,920. Revenue from 1 client (including additional services) was $550. Total revenue from clients for 12 months was $110,000
But first, see what else you can get:
Are you ready to get...
A working method that has already been tested by over 400 salons in different cities?
You have this opportunity
A system that creates a flow of targeted customers into your business?

Bundles specifically for your business
I have been specializing in the beauty salon niche for 7 years. And in that time, I've tested over 1000 different bundles, so I know which ones deliver high efficiency
Time saved
The average time it takes a generalist to find a working bundle and customizations for a local business is 1-6 months in 1 niche. And some specialists never manage to find it. My team and I don't have to waste time on that. We get right down to business
Money saved up to $1,000
This point comes from the previous one. While someone is searching for a bundle and going through the customizations, the budget is spinning. You get the idea, right? I want the money you spend to work instead of being wasted
I do a limited number of projects because I care about the end result. It's simple. My goal is long-term relationships, not one-time clients. And to do that, I need to be intimately involved with every project I work on. That's why I take care of marketing strategy and website development, not outsource it to third party specialists
And here's why:
No experienced professional, including myself, will guarantee you specific numbers in advance because Facebook and Instagram are dynamic auctions with constantly changing lead values.
100% guarantees that you will receive a certain number of leads in advance can only be given by scammers. It is important for them to get money quickly by taking advantage of your ignorance of the mechanisms of working with advertising or your naivety. To convince you, they even mention this figure in the contract. But it won't be like that.
But I can definitely guarantee:
That your budget will be taken care of
Every dollar of your advertising budget will be spent wisely, without wasting it on testing obviously failed hypotheses
Total immersion in your project
I use proven tools that have worked for years. And I keep my finger on the pulse of the smallest changes in the auction
And we certainly won't hit rock bottom
If you don't like something, we'll stop the project at any time and take back the rest of the budget
But it's important to realize:
That your expectations should be reasonable. For example, if Facebook leads are priced at $8, you will not be able to buy them for $1
Here's what we're going to do:
Study your niche and determine the demand for your service/product to create a commercial proposal that will bring you leads
Write the most attractive offer on the market in the language of your customers. Plain and simple, no frills
Walk you step-by-step through an Instagram design that will maximize the conversion of visitors into leads
Figure out how to manage your leads to move them to "paid" status and set up integrations so no lead is lost
Create location-based advertising campaigns and drive traffic to your business
Build a chatbot that reduces your request processing time by up to 50%
Learn how to close
cold leads
Then all you have to do is sell your service to people and scale your business!
Do you realize that you are paying for a ready-to-use system that I will customize specifically for your business?

But if you don't like something, we can always stop the project and withdraw the rest of the budget. You don't lose anything. On the contrary, when advertising works, you solve the customer acquisition problem.
All you need to do is get your project up and running.

Be sure to leave a request to discuss your project to see if I can help you, as I can only take on 3 projects right now.
And all the while, I'm right
there with you
However, my offer does not apply to
These are the types of projects and approaches I don't work with. If you are one of them – don't apply. I am for mutual respect and sustainability in work.

The following categories:
Online business
My offer is specific to geolocation
Freebie lovers
Getting everything for free or getting "extras" without paying for them – I don't work that way
Business owners without a minimum budget for an advertising campaign
I don't work with those who aren't willing to invest in growing their business
Owners who don't know anything about their business
If you can't clearly answer a single question about your business, no one else can. Which means I can't deliver results in the form of customers
Once again, here's what you get:
1. A ready-to-use, proven local business marketing bundle customized for your business
2. Minimal risks while working with proven algorithms: from working with a micro-budget to stopping cooperation altogether (at your request)
3. Full immersion in your project and constant work on advertising campaign optimization
4. High-conversion lead handling materials for explosive sales growth
5. Customers with the lowest possible costs
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