Beauty salon promotion in Florida

Advertising campaign:
During the work, 202 bundles of advertisements were tested.
Basically, photographs of works provided by the customer were used in advertising.
Top creatives:
Platforms for traffic
After the test, traffic to these platforms showed the best results:
  • Traffic to Instagram Direct
  • Traffic to Facebook Messenger
The following audiences worked best:
  • 1
    General audience: Women 23-60 y.o..
  • 2
    Interests: Eyelash extensions, Eye liner, Beauty salons.
  • 3
    Look-alike audience.
TOTAL so far:

$ 6729


Clicks: 16 955

Average cost per click

0,39 $

1235 leads received

Average cost per lead 5,44 $

4,34 ROAS

Return on investment in advertising

The screenshot of the ad cabinet:
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