Promotion of a residential complex. 6 deals at an average price of $160

In this case, I will tell you about how to promote a residential complex.

Briefly about the "Vysokovo" residential complex
New building in the Moscow suburbs, the town of Electrostal (45 kilometers from Moscow). The cost of housing from ₽2 million. The possibility of taking out a mortgage. This is a family neighborhood in walking distance from the kindergarten, school, shopping center, hospital, pharmacies and cozy cafés. 5 minutes to the railway station, 45 kilometers from Moscow. Leafy district. Balconies with panoramic glazing. Large selection of layouts from cozy studios 27 m2 to spacious 3-room apartments 78 m2. Ceiling heights from 2.8 to 3.3 m. There is a parking lot.

The goal is to make deals to buy the property, the intermediate goal is to get leads at the best price.
The task is to conduct a test campaign.

The advertising budget is $650.

Platforms for advertising
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
Target audience:
Audiences that were targeted: men and women between the ages of 28 and 45, interests: apartment, luxury property, property investment, realtor, property or piece of property, mortgage, residential complex, a similar audience to anyone who has interacted with the account, bought an apartment before.
Marital status – married.
    Important aspects:
    initially advertised on the site, tested the lead form (gave the best result), traffic on Instagram account.
    The traffic to the lead form gave results, but some of the traffic from Moscow for some reason thought that housing was for sale in Moscow and hung up. Afterwards we advertised only in the suburbs, so the quality of the traffic increased.

    We got the best traffic from the quiz. The audience was fired up with questions, knew what they wanted, and were already advertising exclusively on the Moscow suburbs!

      Top creatives
      192 bundles of advertisements were tested.
      Complete the survey and get a discount of $600 to $2,000 on your apartment purchase.
      Residential Complex "Vysokovo" - family neighborhood. A comfortable environment for children and parents.
      — Children's and sports grounds;
      — Panoramic glazing of balconies;
      — Café, bakery, and beauty salon on the first floor;
      — Forest nearby for family recreation;
      To find out how much your personal discount is, click "MORE".

      TOTAL so far:




      Leads received from the quiz, the lead form and the site.


      Average lead price.


      Deals were made.

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