Beauty salon promotion in Barcelona

Advertising campaign:
During the work, 123 bundles of advertisements were tested.
Basically, photographs of works provided by the customer were used in advertising.
Top creatives:
The customer used high-quality photos of work results, but didn’t update Instagram profile regularly, there was a weak reaction from subscribers. A content plan was drawn up, thanks to which it became possible to increase the involvement of existing subscribers and reduce the price of attracting new ones.
Platforms for traffic
After the test, traffic to these platforms showed the best result:
  • Traffic to Instagram lead form
  • Traffic to Facebook lead form
The following audiences worked best:
  • 1
    General audience: Women 19-50 y.o., Barcelona geo.
  • 2
    Interests: Eyelash extensions, Eye liner, Beauty salons.
  • 3
    Look-alike audience.
TOTAL so far:


Clicks: 31 608

Average cost per click

0,22 €

2882 leads received

Average cost per lead 2,25 €

2,25 average cost per lead

1455 leads from lead form, 1427 leads from direct messages.

Screenshot of the ad cabinet:
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