$90,000 revenue selling kitchens via Instagram

In this case, I will tell you how to earn $90,000 in 4 months selling kitchens using targeted advertising.
Strengths of Duk furniture company:
24 months warranty
Free 3D design
Own factory
Classic kitchens at competitive prices – $3,500 average bill
German equipment
6-layer paintwork
Examples of work performed:
Goals and platforms to which we attract traffic:
  • Traffic, Instagram account.
  • The goal is conversion, quiz.
    A quiz is a short online survey, at the end of which the result is shown.
  • Goal: a message in direct, an Instagram account.
Audiences that have shown the best result:
  • 1
  • 2
    Look-a-like on those who bought
  • 3
    Interest – kitchens, interior design, furniture.
Quiz questions
For the quiz, we used the main questions that managers ask: the budget for the kitchen, the style of the kitchen, the type of the kitchen, etc.
After passing the quiz, users received gifts and a bonus.
Best advertising creatives:
We will help you to buy your Dream Kitchen.
Take a simple test and find out the cost of your future kitchen right now! At the end you will receive a gift and a bonus!
What happened as a result:



$ 90 000


677 leads

Leads received. The application is a left number, not a question.


Average application price:

Screenshots of the advertising cabinet:
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