Promotion of permanent makeup services

The client was interested in promoting a specific procedure – permanent makeup: eyebrows, eyelids and lips. Tools – Instagram.

Task: receiving requests and making appointments with the artists.

Advertising campaign:
During the work, 260 ads were tested.
Basically, the advertisement used photos of the work provided by the customer.
Best creatives:
Looking for women who want perfect eyebrows!

With permanent makeup, you will get perfect natural eyebrows for 2 years in 2 hours in my cozy studio. Even your husband won't guess about your little beauty secret.
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The following audience worked out best:
  • 1
    General audience: Women 19-50
The following audience didn't work out:
  • 1
    Interest: Cosmetology.
  • 2
    Interest: Beauty salons
  • 3
    Interest: Eyelash extensions
  • 4
    Interest: Lips
  • 5
    Similar audience: Look-a-like.
TOTAL so far:



Clicks: 15 108

Average price per click:


1425 Leads received

Direct messages

$ 3,7

Average price per lead

Screenshot of the Ads Manager:
The visual part is very important on Instagram – it is the quality photo that catches the eye. If the creatives are of high quality, then even the general audience (without interest) shows excellent results.
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